Ground Rules

Growing Vine Community Rules of Conduct

Let’s Get Started!

Otherwise Known As the Ground Rules

Most importantly, each of us must treat everyone in our community with the utmost dignity and respect.
Please do not market products, programs, or people.
If you are sharing health information to help each other, please make sure it is scientifically valid.
This supportive community is not tailored to meet each person’s individual needs. And it doesn’t replace recommendations from your medical providers. Nor does it diagnose. It is a supportive place that contains tools & helpful information to help you take better care of yourself.

Growing Vine Community is our non-judgment zone for each of us to stay positive and supportive!

Terms and Conditions (Disclaimer)

The information provided on the Growing Vine Community & Courses is not intended to be a substitute for your healthcare provider’s advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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